Common Ground

Landscape architects work every day to give form to common areas where people meet and interact, creating and celebrating community.  Streets, parks, markets, and gardens in urban and rural settings are places we share.

We work with our common currency – water, soil, light, and air – to design, repurpose, restore, maintain, and protect natural and built places.  We interact and collaborate with the people who live in and use these spaces.

Common ground includes the places where people congregate, but also the ideas and visions we share.  It is both where and how people work together for the good of all.

Together we must help communities to be more resilient and to address the effects of climate change.  We need to be active advocates for our communities and for natural systems, leading in establishing places where different ideas meet and find common ground for positive change.

Come to Los Angeles, that vibrant and diverse urban center!  The city is filled with great places and is resonant with the issues we must address in this time of great challenges.  This is a time to surround ourselves with our own community of thought and practice, the ASLA, the landscape architecture commons.

Expect a fantastic annual meeting, rich with people, ideas, and projects that stretch our imaginations, provide needed information, and recharge us for our creative work.  A wealth of education sessions, a vital EXPO, PPN meetings for special interests, fabulous tours, and multiple opportunities for fellowship and celebration await you.

Join us on our Common Ground!

Vaughn Rinner, FASLA


ASLA Annual Meeting Education Advisory Committee

Vaughn Rinner, FASLA
Vaughn Rinner Landscape Architect, plc

Greg Miller, FASLA
Morrow Reardon Wilkinson Miller, Ltd

Andy Bowden, ASLA
Land Concern

Baxter Miller, ASLA

José Almiñana, FASLA
Andropogon Associates, Ltd.

Bradley Cantrell, ASLA
Harvard Graduate School of Design

Chris Dimond, FASLA
PWP Landscape Architecture

Kona Gray, ASLA

Harriet Grimm, ASLA
Harriet Grimm Landscape Architect

Dean Hill, ASLA

Mark Hough, FASLA
Duke University

Janelle Johnson, ASLA
Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects

Tim Orlando, ASLA
Sawyer Berson Architecture & Landscape Architecture, llp

Tom Oslund, FASLA

David Rubin, ASLA
Land Collective

Chip Trageser, FASLA
The Office of James Burnett

Susan Van Atta, FASLA
Van Atta Associates, Inc.

Ramiro Villalvazo, FASLA
Ramiro Villalvazo Consulting

Thaisa Way, ASLA
University of Washington

Southern California Host Chapter Leaders

Host Chapter Co-Chairs
Andrew Bowden, ASLA
Baxter Miller, ASLA

Field Sessions Co-Chairs
Duane Border, ASLA
Nord Eriksson, ASLA

ASLA/ACE Mentor Program Legacy Project Chair
David Watts

Host Chapter Booth Chair
Brent Jacobsen, ASLA